The Next Opportunity at the Grid Edge

Watch live video from The Next Opportunity at the Grid Edge: A Focus on Large Energy Consumers – Originally broadcast on March 1, 2016.

Large commercial and industrial power consumers are exposed to an ever-increasing array of new opportunities and technologies at the grid edge – many of which can have a material impact on the how they manage their energy use, interact with grid services and, more broadly, conduct day-to-day business operations. The options available to customers are growing rapidly and becoming more complex. This panel will bring together experts from large energy consumers to highlight:
  • Energy management and optimization
  • Building, facility or campus operations
  • Corporate sustainability efforts
  • Renewable or alternative energy sources


Steve Propper – Director, Grid Edge, GTM Research at Greentech Media


Vishnu Barran – Senior Business Development Manager at ENER-G Group Inc.

Phil Skalaski – Vice President of Engineering and Energy Services at The Durst Organization

Kirby Brendsel – Associate Director of Sustainability at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

Kylie Sale – Resource Management Specialist, Green Mission at Whole Foods Market

Full Livestream for “Advanced Energy Consumers”

Watch the full event video from “Advanced Energy Consumers: Customer Models Driving Utility Industry Change from the Edge” Originally broadcast on Wednesday, September 16 2015.

This event is the third event of a special series that Clean Energy Connections is doing on the Evolving Energy Vision in New York State.

The energy landscape is changing fast. As energy professionals race to keep up with constant technological innovation, they are also rapidly developing new methods of reaching energy customers. Customers are central to adoption of REV — they will be the ones purchasing solar, installing cogeneration, utilizing energy management systems, and deciding whether to participate in community-scale renewables.
Utilities, ESCOs, government agencies, and community-based organizations will have to create ways to increase awareness and adoption of DER technologies among the people who will eventually benefit from them. It’s especially critical to engage low and moderate income customers in the dialogue and implementation, as they make up 40% of energy consumers in New York State.
This panel will discuss innovations in customer engagement, with an emphasis on community-level energy aggregation and web-based engagement models, including consideration of behavioral science. The discussion highlights the themes of REV’s Customer Engagement Committee, charged with identifying and overcoming barriers to participation by all customer groups in the future energy landscape.

Andrew Mulherkar – Analyst, Grid Edge division of GTM Research

Chris Neidl – Director, Here Comes Solar at Solar One
Jennifer Metzger – Co-Director, Citizens for Local Power (CLP)
Juan Camilo Osorio – Director of Research, New York City Environmental Justice Alliance
Laney Brown – Director of Smart Grid, Iberdrola USA

Opening Speaker:

Marsha L. Walton – Senior Project Manager, Market Insights at NYSERDA

Full Livestream for “Models For The Future Utility”

Watch the full event video from “Models for the Future Utility: Examining New York State’s Distributed System Platform Provider Vision” Originally broadcast on Wednesday, March 11, 2015.

The New York Public Service Commission’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is among the most forward-looking electric utility transformation initiatives in North America, if not globally. In short, the plan has the potential to fundamentally shift utility regulation to meet the needs of a more distributed, consumer-focused energy system that the future is quickly ushering in with the advent of distributed generation, storage, electric vehicles, smart homes and a plethora of next-generation energy technologies. The bedrock of the initiative is the definition and formation of Distributed System Platform Providers (DSPPs). This session will explore the definition of a DSPP and how it differs from today’s utility model, explain the values and incentives for all parties involved, outline new products and services that can be supported, put forth the challenges surrounding DER penetration, and investigate how DSPPs interact with other energy markets.

Opening Speaker:
Micah Kotch – Director, NY Prize & Strategic Advisor, Innovation at NYSERDA

Steve Propper – Director, Grid Edge at GTM Research

Kate Burson – Chief of Staff to the Chairman of Energy and Finance at the Office of the Governor of New York
Gerry Docherty – CEO at Smarter Grid Solutions
Charles Freni – Senior Vice President, Customer Services at Central Hudson Gas & Electric

Full Livestream for “Grid Edge Analytics”

Watch the full event video from “Grid Edge Analytics: Advances in Big Data, Intelligent Software and Analytics Behind the Meter” Originally broadcast on Wednesday, November 5, 2014.

The next generation of behind-the-meter analytics goes well beyond providing consumers with detailed data on their energy use. Utilities are now able to take advantage of customer segmentation and profiling information to increase the effectiveness of demand response and energy efficiency programs. By leveraging intelligent software, utilities also gain better visibility into their customers’ responses to price signals, leading to optimized rate structures.

The early energy management market was a battle of the best-in-class hardware (e.g., displays, sensors, and thermostats), placing a strong emphasis on smart meters as an enabling technology. More recently there has been an increase in strategic partnerships. Blue-chip companies from the automation, security, solar, and telecom industries have taken notice and begun to gain market share with new solutions. This panel will examine the changing data analytics landscape behind-the-meter and discuss how companies have shifted their focus toward energy management.

Omar Saadeh – Senior Analyst, GTM Research

Christopher Cavanagh – Principal Program Manager at National Grid
Nicholas Payton – Associate Director of Product Marketing and Strategy at Opower
Jun Shimada – Founder / CEO at ThinkEco

Full Livestream for “The Utility Business Model”

Watch the full event video from “The Utility Business Model: Evolution or Revolution?” Originally broadcast on Monday, September 22, 2014.

As residential consumers take increasingly active stances toward energy management and generation, fundamental assumptions of the electric utility model are being challenged. Power providers counting on load growth and guaranteed rates of return for consistent financial returns now face disruption from the rapid expansion of residential solar, storage, and new financial innovations. GTM Research has shown that distributed PV nearly halved electricity demand growth in California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey in 2013. In another few years, New York may face a similar situation.

Lost profits and the threat to shareholder value and pensions are serious concerns, but are only the tip of the iceberg. Tying utility revenue to kilowatt-hours sold has resulted in an oversized power grid and lagging incentives for demand response, energy efficiency, and distributed generation. NRG CEO David Crane has suggested a scenario in which “the grid is, at best, an antiquated backup system to a different way of buying electricity.”

Several state regulators have taken steps toward remaking the utility business model to address these issues. New York policymakers, at the forefront of these efforts, recently launched an overhaul of electricity regulation in the state with the goal of increasing efficiency, resource diversity, and resiliency. This panel will examine emerging challenges and opportunities as utilities in NY and around the country evolve to meet the needs of a next-generation power system, develop services that offer their customers more choice, and deliver increased value to their shareholders.

Stephen Lacey – Senior Editor, Greentech Media

Katherine Hamilton – Principal, 38 North Solutions
Sergej Mahnovski – Director, Utility of the Future Team at ConEdison
Jigar Shah – CEO, Jigar Shah Consulting
Audrey Zibelman – Chair, NY Department of Public Service

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