NYAS Hosts Conference – “Implications of a Data-Driven Built Environment”

Clean Energy Connections is a promotional partner of Implications of a Data-Driven Built Environment, a conference hosted by the New York Academy of Sciences on the utilitzation of data in the built environment. This full-day event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at their offices in Lower Manhattan.

The conference will consist of six moderated panels of three professionals who will present on topics related to the potential for data collected from and about the built environment to transform the real estate industry. It is clear both locally and abroad that the real estate industry is turning to metrics to validate and evaluate buildings. The reasons for this trend are wide-ranging. They span the need to adhere to new regulations, the desire to improve building performance through modeling, measurement, and

benchmarking, and the aspiration to revolutionize building design and engineering to take into account user behavior and to maximize their satisfaction. These objectives stem from recognition by the industry that embracing sustainability will have favorable impacts on efforts to reduce GHG emissions and energy consumption, increase environmental health and safety for building occupants, and concurrently positively affect the financial bottom-line.

Click here  to register and for  more information on this event.

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