Full Livestream for “The Utility Business Model”

Watch the full event video from “The Utility Business Model: Evolution or Revolution?” Originally broadcast on Monday, September 22, 2014.

As residential consumers take increasingly active stances toward energy management and generation, fundamental assumptions of the electric utility model are being challenged. Power providers counting on load growth and guaranteed rates of return for consistent financial returns now face disruption from the rapid expansion of residential solar, storage, and new financial innovations. GTM Research has shown that distributed PV nearly halved electricity demand growth in California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey in 2013. In another few years, New York may face a similar situation.

Lost profits and the threat to shareholder value and pensions are serious concerns, but are only the tip of the iceberg. Tying utility revenue to kilowatt-hours sold has resulted in an oversized power grid and lagging incentives for demand response, energy efficiency, and distributed generation. NRG CEO David Crane has suggested a scenario in which “the grid is, at best, an antiquated backup system to a different way of buying electricity.”

Several state regulators have taken steps toward remaking the utility business model to address these issues. New York policymakers, at the forefront of these efforts, recently launched an overhaul of electricity regulation in the state with the goal of increasing efficiency, resource diversity, and resiliency. This panel will examine emerging challenges and opportunities as utilities in NY and around the country evolve to meet the needs of a next-generation power system, develop services that offer their customers more choice, and deliver increased value to their shareholders.

Stephen Lacey – Senior Editor, Greentech Media

Katherine Hamilton – Principal, 38 North Solutions
Sergej Mahnovski – Director, Utility of the Future Team at ConEdison
Jigar Shah – CEO, Jigar Shah Consulting
Audrey Zibelman – Chair, NY Department of Public Service

Full Livestream for “The Age of Intelligent Storage”

Watch the full event video from “The Age of Intelligent Storage: Distributed Systems, Smart Software and Control Systems” Originally broadcast on Wednesday, May 14, 2014.

Energy storage is widely regarded as the key to integrating the growing penetration of renewable resources at the grid edge. Through optimized intelligent infrastructure and controls surrounding the battery, storage solutions are becoming exceedingly able to economically and reliably address the challenges associated with the expansion of our modern power system.

GTM Research forecasts that distributed commercial storage capacity in the U.S. will reach 100 MW this year and surpass 700 MW by 2020. With initiatives such as California’s Self Generation Incentive Program offering subsidized storage systems based on energy capacity, coupled with increasingly attractive rooftop solar options, residential-scale deployments are similarly expected to support a larger growth going forward.

In parallel to the various software packages currently under development, a multitude of different intelligent control and communication approaches are also being explored to better enhance the performance of a dispersed fleet of storage devices. This panel will bring to light these efforts, their impact on modernizing grid infrastructure, and their relevance to industry stakeholders.

Omar Saadeh – Senior Smart Grid Analyst, GTM Research

Ted Wiley — Vice President, Product & Corporate Strategy, Aquion.
Andrew Reid – Senior R&D Engineer, Consolidated Edison
Ryan Wartena – Chief Strategy Officer and Founder, Growing Energy Labs, Inc

Full Livestream for “The Expansion of Distributed PV”

Watch the full event video from “The Expansion of Distributed PV in the Age of the Grid Edge” Originally broadcast on Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

Full Livestream for “Solar State of Play”

Watch the full event video from “Solar State of Play: Innovative Models that are Driving the Market Forward” Originally broadcast on June 20, 2013

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