Full Livestream for “Solar State of Play”

Watch the full event video from “Solar State of Play: Innovative Models that are Driving the Market Forward” Originally broadcast on June 20, 2013

Ariella Maron: The Role of the Entrepreneur

Ariella Maron and Constantine Kontokosta talk about how an entrepreneur can both work with the city and capitalize on the energy efficiency sector.

David Pospisil: Clearing a Path for Energy Efficiency

David Pospisil from Con Edision discusses the key factors driving the growth of the Energy Efficiency industry in New York City. Clip from “Intelligent Infrastructure: Designing Smart Buildings for NYC,” from June 6, 2012.

Ariella Maron: Tenant behavior and Energy Efficiency

Ariella Maron and Constantine Kontokosta weigh the importance of changing tenant behavior when reducing energy consumption in commericial and residential buildings.

Ariella Maron: Incentivizing efficiency in public agencies

Ariella Maron describes New York City’s “Energy Incentive Alignment Program”, an innovative way to compel public agencies to start focusing on energy efficiency.

Ariella Maron: Where are the jobs in building energy efficiency?

Ariella Maron lays out the growth potential of New York City’s building energy efficiency sector.

Constantine Kontokosta: The Power of Data pt.2

Constantine Kontokosta creates a correlation between restaurant calorie reporting and the NYC benchmarking data.

Izzet Bensusan: PTC/ITC Expiration – No Money No Problems?

Izzet Bensusan and Jason Scott explore how the potential expiration of federal incentives will impact renewable energy industries. Clip from “No Money No Problems? Financing Cleantech in the Post-ARRA Era” on January 31, 2012.

Michael Molnar: There’s No Free Market in Energy

Ann Davlin, Jason Scott and Michael Molnar consider the pros and cons of nuclear power and delve into the role that subsidies play in making it possible. Clip from “No Money No Problems? Financing Cleantech in the Post-ARRA Era” on January 31, 2012.

Jeff Fulgham: Finding Solutions When Policy Fails

The panel debates the future of federal policy in regulating water usage in the energy industry. Clip from “The Energy-Water Nexus” on September 22, 2011.

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