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Watch the full event video from “Energy Storage: Crossing the chasm to commercialization” Originally broadcast on February 5, 2013

Clean Energy Connections Energy Storage Event

Energy Storage

Constantine Kontokosta: The Power of Data

Constantine Kontokosta from NYU describess how the NYC benchmarking study sheds light on the contractor landscape in the building energy efficiency sector.

How Analytics Can Solve Expensive Energy Problems

The panel explores the question, “What is the most expensive problem that big data can solve in the energy world?” Con Edison’s Michael Harrington and Efficiency 2.0’s Mark Smith expound on how data allows utilities to better plan capital investments, while Johnson Controls’ Domenic Armano provides a building perspective. Clip from “Power in Numbers: Capitalizing […]

Michael Harrington: Con Edison’s Approach to Data

Michael Harrington, Manager of Targeted Demand Side Management at ConEd, explains how Con Edison handles the mountain of data it receives as it pushes grid automation and grid optimization. Clip from “Power in Numbers: Capitalizing on the Data of Cleantech,” from March 22, 2012.

Domenic Armano: How Companies are Learning to Utilize Data

Domenic Armano from Johnson Controls discusses how cleantech companies are still in the early stages of data utilization and when those processes will become automated. Clip from “Power in Numbers: Capitalizing on the Data of Cleantech,” from March 22, 2012.

The Limiting Factors of Renewables

The panel discusses how to combat the obstacles that prevent solar and wind from scaling up. Clip from “Scaling Up Solar: Policies and People Building a Solar Industry in NYC” on June 23, 2011.

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