September 26, 2019 6:30 pm

Join us for a discussion on the next frontier in climate change solutions: capturing, sequestering, and utilizing atmospheric carbon. While many industries can move to carbon-free energy sources, others, like cement production, materials manufacturing, and liquid fuels, have serious technical barriers to fully decarbonizing. Additionally, at the rate we are currently pumping carbon into the atmosphere, mitigation strategies will be necessary to avoid the worst effects of climate change coming this century.

Capturing this atmospheric carbon and converting it to something with economic value is one solution to many of these problems, and we are seeing a number of exciting technologies and businesses emerge to rise to this challenge. This panel will discuss these challenges and the related opportunities for innovation, as well as the current and future policy decisions, such a price on carbon, necessary to enable this future.

Moderator: Nicholas Eisenberger, Managing Partner, Pure Energy Partners


Stafford Sheehan, CTO and Co-Founder, Air Co

Denise Grab, Western Regional Director, NYU School of Law Institute for Policy Integrity

William D. Lese, Managing Partner, Braemar Energy Ventures


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