Value of a Negawatt: Startups and the Energy Efficiency Boom

Experts estimate that at least 85 percent of New York City’s buildings will still be in use in the next 20 years; our offices and homes which for the most part consume huge amounts of electricity, are poorly insulated, and have little incentive to change. The fastest, cheapest, most effective way for New York to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions is by reducing the amount of energy that we consume. Innovation in technology and financing can help get us to scale, and with the hard work of the City’s green codes task force and the support of the Greater, Greener Buildings Legislation, real changes in energy usage are taking place. Entrepreneurs, utilities, and policymakers will explore the business case behind the implementation of new efficiency technologies, and drill down into the intricacies of the market for energy efficiency and opportunities for growth in this sector.

Originally recorded on May 25 2011.