Cleantech Elect: What the 2012 Election will mean for the future of US Clean Energy

The fate of America’s economic, environmental, national security, and diplomatic future depends on having reliable, affordable energy. Other countries have taken the lead in renewable technologies, while debates over U.S. energy policy have never been so polarized. What kind of energy policy–no matter who wins the November election- will catapult the United States into an age of advanced energy: clean and financially sustainable for both producers and consumers? This event turns to thought leaders who will assess current energy policies, debate what better policies would require from the private sector and government, and examine whether the candidates’ plans will get us where we need to go. They will also examine what effect the candidates’ current policies and views could have on the clean energy industry post-election.

Speakers: Shayle Kann, GTM Research; Tim Greeff, Advanced Energy Economy; Travis Bradford, The Prometheus Institute

Originally recorded on September 27, 2012.