Cleanweb: Is IT the Secret to a New Energy Future?

By tapping into robust social media, a new internet of things, and the ever expanding portfolio of open data, cleanweb has become a seemingly surefire way to cost-effectively tackle sustainability and scale current cleantech solutions. Is it a platform that uses satellites to easily assess a solar project, a Facebook app that tracks and gamifies energy use, or a site that brings together all the building stakeholders? The cleanweb is all of these things, and with 18% of all cleantech deals since 2009 including cleanweb, it might provide an answer for cleantech’s overall downturn in global investing. For the next Clean Energy Connections, we discuss the golden boy of cleantech and topic du jour, “Cleanweb.” With New York a firm leader in tech, it seems like a natural place for cleanweb to thrive. Join us as we explore the questions that surround cleanweb, and what companies can do to capture its momentum.

Opening Speaker: 
- Nicholas Eisenberger Managing Director, Pure Energy Partners 

Featured Panel: 
- Ron Gonen, Deputy Commissioner of Sanitation, Recycling, and Sustainability, New York City Department of Sanitation 
- Riggs Kubiak, Co-Founder and CEO, Honest Buildings 
- Blake Burris, CEO and chief hacktivist 

Moderator: - Katherine Tweed, Reporter, Greentech Media

Originally recorded on May 22, 2013.