Models for the Future Utility: Examining New York State’s Distributed System Platform Provider Vision

The New York Public Service Commission’s Reforming Energy Vision (REV) is among the most forward-looking electric utility transformation initiatives in North America, if not globally. In short, the plan has the potential to fundamentally shift utility regulation to meet the needs of a more distributed, consumer-focused energy system that the future is quickly ushering in with the advent of distributed generation, storage, electric vehicles, smart homes and a plethora of next-generation energy technologies. The bedrock of the initiative is the definition and formation of Distributed System Platform Providers (DSPPs). This session will explore the definition of a DSPP and how it differs from today’s utility model, explain the values and incentives for all parties involved, outline new products and services that can be supported, put forth the challenges surrounding DER penetration, and investigate how DSPPs interact with other energy markets.

Steve Propper – Director, Grid Edge at GTM Research

Kate Burson – Chief of Staff to the Chairman of Energy and Finance at the Office of the Governor of New York
Gerry Docherty – CEO at Smarter Grid Solutions
Charles Freni – Senior Vice President, Customer Services at Central Hudson Gas & Electric

This event originally aired on March 11, 2015