No Money No Problems? Financing Cleantech in the Post-ARRA Era

The beginning of 2012 ushers in a new era in renewable energy funding. Section 1603 Treasury Program is dead in the water thanks to a gridlocked Congress, and low tax appetites have hamstrung potential investors. As we move into an uncertain financial landscape, where will today’s renewable energy upstarts find funding for their projects and companies? Will private financing step in to sustain the industry’s momentum? How can the considerable financial power of New York City take a leadership role? Financial experts will examine these issues and offer a realistic assessment of where cleantech is headed now that the federal buck has stopped.

Featured Panel:
- Izzet Bensusan, President and CEO, Karbone
- Ann Davlin, Director of Development, Carbon War Room
- Jason Scott, Partner, EKO Asset Management Partners

- Michael Molnar, Partner, Greentech Capital Advisors

Opening Speaker:
- Nathanael Greene, Director of Renewable Energy Policy, Natural Resources Defense Council

Originally recorded on January 31, 2012.