Power in Numbers: Capitalizing on the Data of Cleantech

As electric utilities accelerate their smart-grid roll outs, a new market is emerging at the intersection of cleantech and IT. The trend that will shape the market in 2012 and beyond lies in analyzing the massive amount of data that is being collected about energy consumption. Just as intelligent analytics has helped evolve other industries, from IT to healthcare to air travel, the same will hold true for the electric power industry, as data is becoming the currency for market transformation. From grid infrastructure analytics to consumer analytics, the true power of this data is yet to be realized. What does this influx of data mining mean for the future of cleantech? How can innovative companies harness smart grid data to grow their business? Join us as experts explore the privacy and security issues, questions regarding the ownership of the data itself, and ultimately how the data can be used to the advantage of service providers and consumers.

Featured Panel:
- Domenic Armano, Director, Strategy & Innovation, Johnson Controls
- Mark Smith, Director of Marketing, Efficiency 2.0
- Michael Harrington, Manager, Targeted Demand Side Management, Con Edison

Opening Speaker and Moderator:
- Rick Thompson, President & Co-Founder, Greentech Media

Originally held on March 22, 2012. Video not available.