Share & Share Alike: New Applications for Collaboration & Resource Optimization

A new trend has emerged in concert with advances in social technology that approaches the issue in a whole new way: resource sharing, aka “Collaborative Consumption.” Case in point: the average power drill purchased for a home only gets used 6 to 13 minutes in its lifetime (source). Engineering ways to encourage shared use of one drill would reduce the need for drills to be manufactured, therefore conserving resources and mitigating waste.
That simple concept could be the next great revolution in how we do business. Companies like AirBnB and Zip Car are leading the way, using technology to develop models that facilitate sharing, trading and social interaction while mitigating net consumption. While these businesses may not be focused on sustainability as an end goal, the work they’re doing is reducing resources with amazing efficiency.
In this event, we heard from sharing economy companies that are using this model and explored how sharing and collaborative consumption could be the best thing to happen to the discussion around energy.

Featured Panel: 
- Sid Singh, Director, Project Finance, BrightFarms 
- Shaun Chapman, Director of Policy and Electricity, SolarCity 
- David Mahfouda, Founder and CEO, Weeels (now Bandwagon) 
- Andrew Wagner, Director and Editor-In-Chief, Krrb 

Moderator: - Brian Merchat, 

Originally recorded on December 11, 2012