Solar State of Play: Innovative Models that are Driving the Market Forward

The market for distributed solar continues its rapid growth in New York and around the country. New York City has seen some of the fastest growth, with total installed solar photovoltaic capacity jumping from 8.5 MW to 14 MW in 2012 alone. New York is becoming the proving ground for innovations in solar, and if it can make it here, it can make it anywhere. What are the business models, project development strategies, and financing tools that are driving the market forward? How will new state-level policies and incentives support future growth, and what barriers remain? Can solar truly stimulate local economic development and create opportunities “off the roof”?

Opening Speaker: 
- Alison Kling NYC Solar Coordinator, City University of New York 

Featured Panel: 
- Richard Klein, President and Founder, Quixotic Systems 
- Ellen Honingstock, Co-Founder, Sustainable Kensington Windsor Terrace 
- Michael DellaGala, Managing Partner, DG Energy 
- Dana Hall, Attorney At Law, Dana Hall Law 

Moderator: - Conway Irwin, Managing Editor, Breaking Energy

Originally recorded on June 20, 2013.