The Age of Intelligent Storage: Distributed Systems, Smart Software and Control Systems

Energy storage is widely regarded as the key to integrating the growing penetration of renewable resources at the grid edge. Through optimized intelligent infrastructure and controls surrounding the battery, storage solutions are becoming exceedingly able to economically and reliably address the challenges associated with the expansion of our modern power system.

GTM Research forecasts that distributed commercial storage capacity in the U.S. will reach 100 MW this year and surpass 700 MW by 2020. With initiatives such as California’s Self Generation Incentive Program offering subsidized storage systems based on energy capacity, coupled with increasingly attractive rooftop solar options, residential-scale deployments are similarly expected to support a larger growth going forward.

In parallel to the various software packages currently under development, a multitude of different intelligent control and communication approaches are also being explored to better enhance the performance of a dispersed fleet of storage devices. This panel will bring to light these efforts, their impact on modernizing grid infrastructure, and their relevance to industry stakeholders.

This event originally aired on May 14, 2014.

Executive Director at NY BEST, Bill Acker introduces the concept of intelligent storage and its importance. 

The panel discusses implications of the PSC's initiative REV or Reforming Energy Vision. 

Andrew Reid, Senior Engineer at ConEd talks about the idea of grid defection. 

Ted Wiley, Vice President of Product and Corporate Strategy at Aquion talks to University students about solving some of society's greatest problems.